E3 2016 | Electronic Entertainment Expo Feature

E3 2016 Awards: Best PlayStation Shooter Game

Well, that’s all folks. E3 2016 has wrapped, bringing the curtains down on yet another game-filled extravaganza in sun-baked Los Angeles. Of course, the fun’s not over just yet; we’ve still got to slap awards on the titles that impressed us the most, which is no easy task considering the pedigree of games on offer. For this feature, we shine the spolight on the best shooter offering of the show. 

best ps4 shooter

Winner: Titanfall 2

PlayStation gamers missed out on the Xbox One exclusive Titanfall first time around, which makes the arrival of the fantastic-looking shooter sequel on PS4 all the more exciting.

Set in the usual first-person perspective, the game takes place on war-battered colonies at the Frontier fringe of space exploration. A single player campaign has been confirmed, but it’s the multiplayer warfare across sweeping sci-fi environments in powerful mech suits that looks truly epic.

In particular, the game controls beautifully, with seamless transitions from standard movement to the wall-running interface. The emotional relationship hinted between pilot and Titan also grabbed our attention, as it could elevate Titanfall 2 above the fold of its bog-standard contemporaries.

Watch the single-player Titanfall campaign trailer to see what we mean:

 With a heavy focus on teamwork, tons of game modes, and gameplay that feels both powerful and intuitive, Titanfall 2 could be a real contender against established competitive shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty on its release later this year. Based on our early impressions of Titanfall 2, it has all the right ingredients for best shooter of the year.