E3 2016 | Electronic Entertainment Expo Feature

E3 2016 Awards: Best PlayStation VR Game

Virtual reality games for PlayStation VR were at E3 2016 in droves, so the decision on which game impressed us the most wasn’t taken lightly.

best playstation vr game

Winner: Farpoint

The sci-fi first-person shooter from San Francisco-based developer Impulse Gear looks stunning. The impressive explosions, fearsome creatures and sprawling landscape are set to provide the perfect VR playground for wannabe adventurers.

The action in Farpoint takes place on an alien world with the game’s protagonist on a mission to find his scientist crewmates and survive, at all costs. There’s not too many story details revealed as yet, but with huge alien spiders jumping out at you, and the promise of huge boss battles, it looks like the action will do all the talking as you wander around the desolate planet armed with an automatic rifle.

 In their hands-on time, Will and Ernest were struck by the fluidity of movement and smooth aiming. There’s a palpable sense of fear and terror as thse creatures approach and swarm you. The dedicated PS VR Aim controller, designed to improve accuracy, makes it feel all the more realistic. Judging by the great reactions on the show floor, Farpoint is going to be one of the must-buy PlayStation VR games when it launches later this year.