E3 2017 floor plan shows PlayStation booth twice the size of Xbox area

e3 2017 floor plan

The E3 2017 floor plans have been made public, and it looks like Sony and PlayStation will be dominating the show floor with its colossal booth.

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As Sony prepares to showcase a raft of new PS4 games and showcase some of the most anticipated titles of 2017 at its press conference on June 12, it looks as though attendees to the gaming showcase will also be treated to a wealth of content on the show floor.

sony e3 2017 floor plan

Situated in the West Hall at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Sony’s booth (4322) takes up 30,000 sq ft of space. In comparison, the Microsoft booth is 15,000 sq ft. Of course, it’s not size that matters, it’s about the games, and we’re expecting an incredible show from Sony this year.

Among the PS4 games at E3, we can expect to see more of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, God of War and The Last of Us Part 2, but there’ll also been some surprises in store!

Stay tuned for the Sony E3 2017 press conference, and watch it live with PlayStation Universe.

Source: NeoGaf