EA not the only company interested in Take-Two

Last Sunday, we reported Take-Two Interactive has rejected the deal to be acquired by Electronic Arts but will be interested in negotiations further down the road. This deal would have given EA the rights over both Rockstar Games and 2K Games which are both power contenders in the industry.

Now, it is reported that EA is only one of many companies who are playing around with the idea of acquiring Take-Two. During a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company stated that there has been "informal indications of interest in a business combination," however the company "has not engaged in any substantive discussions with any party (including EA) with respect to a business combination."

Currently we do not have any idea which companies are involved for the bid to gain control over Take-Two, but a possible contender includes Activision Blizzard, which has made their fair share of moves in the past to gain ground against EA. We will continue to update you on this possible buyout/merger/takeover as more develops.