EA polls gamers on Bad Company maps

Like a bit of Bad Company? We certainly did when EA DICE’s hard-boiled FPS blasted onto our XMBs in June. Thirsty for more? Well, how’d you like to tackle one of those gorgeously destructible single player maps in online Conquest Mode?

Electronic Arts is letting eager Battlefielders choose two campaign levels for the full-on multiplayer treatment. Among the standouts are "Acta Non Verba," a heavily forested mountain area which should suit covert types, and "Par for the course," a picturesque battle zone bizarrely situated in the middle of a golf course. Once the votes have been collected, DICE will throw in two levels of its own choosing and the whole bag will be made available for download.

Head on over to the official site to cast your vote. The poll closes tomorrow, so don’t dawdle.