EA Redwood Shores is no more

Electronic Arts has confirmed that its longest running games studio, Redwood Shores, has undergone a name change and will now be known as Visceral Games.

The Dead Space developer feels that this change will help promote its commitment to ‘new development principles and game design values.’ According to general manager Glen Schofield, the name change represents who the company is and where it’s going.

"In the last two years, the studio has adopted a new identity as we’ve committed ourselves to a new set of development principles and game design values," said Schofield.

"We make intense, top quality games that push the boundaries of action entertainment. The name change represents who we are and what we believe games should be. Dead Space, Dead Space: Extraction, Dante’s Inferno and other concepts in the pipeline illustrate where the studio’s expertise and passion lay.

"Primal action is the beating heart of the studio and now our new name reflects that," he added.

Schofield also confirmed that the studio is working on two unannounced titles on top of its current Dante’s Inferno project.