EA servers down – FIFA 16 and Battlefield 1 servers down

Reports are flooding in that the EA servers are down affecting FIFA 16 and the current Battlefield 1 beta that only started today. With Battlefield 1 servers down, thousands of players are affected.

UPDATE 1– "EA is currently experiencing an outage. EA games, services & support may be impacted. We’re working to resolve as fast as possible."

UPDATE 2Hacking group Poodlecorp claim to have taken the Battlefield 1 servers down in a DDoS attack.

UPDATE 3 – We’re hearing that some players are now able to play online.

battlefield 1 beta servers crash

EA servers down as two big titles affected

Initial reports of EA servers going offline came from the EA server status down detector, where users report on whether they can’t get into multiplayer games.

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EA Sports has taken to its Twitter account to confirm that it’s investigating the issue. Meanwhile EA DICE is remaining silent, leaving many gamers frustrated as they attempt to play the highly-anticipated shooter for the first time. Our guess is that the servers simply couldn’t cope!

The Battlefield 1 beta kicked off today, giving players access to two game modes and one huge map that caters for 65-player skirmishes.We’re waiting word from EA to find out when the servers will be back online, or whether it’s a widespread issue.

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