EA servers down – Poodlecorp hacking group claim DDoS attack on Battlefield 1

Breaking news! Hacking group, Poodlecorp are claiming responsibility for the current server issues experienced by Electronic Arts, which has took some games, including FIFA 16 and the Battlefield 1 beta offline.

Battlefield 1 servers down for over two hours

We reported a few hours ago that the Battlefield 1 servers were down, and EA Sports quickly sent out a tweet to say that they were looking into the issues. EA DICE hasn’t officially responded to the reports of the Battlefield 1 servers going offline, but later on EA confirmed it was an outage that has affected several games.

Poodlecorp have claimed responsibility on their Twitter account, claiming a DDoS attack on the Battlefield 1 servers. “EA servers were toasted tonight,” they bragged.

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is "when multiple systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system." Poodlecorp is one of the well-known groups who target high profile games to bring their servers offline at times when they know that thousands of gamers will be playing.

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Poodlecorp are currently getting a backlash of abuse on Twitter from fans eager to play the next instalment of EA’s shooter. The hacking group recently also claimed responsibility for bringing down the Pokemon Go, League of Legends and PlayStation servers.

The Battlefield 1 DDoS attack has not been confirmed or denied by EA. We’ll update you with more news on the EA server issues when we get it.