EA shoots down rumoured Rock Band price

Electronic Arts has addressed the USD 199 price point that US retailers recently applied to the company’s upcoming Rock Band title, insisting it is nothing more than “pure speculation.”

The company was specifically targeting US retail giants Amazon and Gamestop, who are offering a bundle package consisting of the game and all assorted peripherals (wireless drum kit, guitar and microphone) for USD 199. Separately, the game will set you back USD 59.99, along with the drum kid (USD 80), guitar (USD 60) and microphone (USD 30); however, with EA now dismissing these reports, the price point for the ambitious title is yet again freshly open to debate.

For the uninitiated, Rock Band – developed by Guitar Hero developers Harmonix – gives players the unique opportunity to star in a fully-fledged rock band, as opposed to focusing merely on a single instrument. However, this time around you’ll be able to compete against your friends online as you take to the stage with either the microphone, drums or guitar and attempt to follow the on-screen rhythm without slipping for your fellow band mates. EA promise a “reasonable” price for the title when it finally hits shelves later this year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360; stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.