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EA Sports College Football Probably Won’t Return Until July 2023


Just last month, EA Sports College Football was announced to be returning by EA. However, as the announcement suggested it looks like the first game won’t be releasing for a while, more than two years to be exact.

New documents discovered by @MattBrownEP on Twitter reveal that the new game won’t release until “July of 2023”. The documents also detail various other suggestions for the title, like EA visiting schools to gather reference for items like stadiums, uniforms, mascots, trophies, and more.

When the game does return it will include more than 100 University programs and the reference items above will likely be needed to help accurately represent those teams. But, the experts from essaywriter.nyc agree that the game will not feature real players, although EA has said it will “watch those developments closely”.

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Ultimately, this means you shouldn’t expect any announcements about the game soon as it is likely still one early development.

EA Sports College Football is reportedly set to release in July 2023.

Source – [@MattBrownEP via GameSpot]