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EA Sports UFC 5 Update 1.005 Rolls Out For New Fighters, Bug Fixes

The EA UFC 5 update 1.005 patch notes entered the ring for you to grapple with, bringing support for a bunch of new fighters as well as various improvements and bug fixes. Read the full details below.

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  • Maycee Barber (#6 WFW)
  • Bryce Mitchell (#10 FW)
  • Joe Pyfer
  • These will be added on Feb. 13, 2024


  • Increased the short-term stamina cost of blocked, missed, and evaded strikes in the stand-up.
    • The long-term stamina cost is also increased, even though its ratio stays the same. The math for the increase is a bit nuanced, but here is a “before and after” example of a strike that would cost 10 stamina on a clean hit.
      • Hit: 10 to 10 (unchanged)
      • Blocked: 11.5 to 11.75
      • Missed: 17.5 to 18
      • Evaded: 26.5 to 27.75
  • Fixed an issue with ground and pound strike-tracking.
  • Reduced the damage of Full Guard Postured Up strikes to the head by 20%.
  • Reduced the frequency of leg kick checks by the AI.
  • Reduced the frequency of ground and pound elbows by the AI.


  • Improved the AI’s use of the Struggle in Submissions on higher difficulty levels.
  • Increased the differences in submission tactics between different fighting styles. For instance, fighters focusing on ground and pound will more likely use submission attacker transitions to get to ground and pound positions.
  • Fixed a camera issue on late denials against pulling guard.


  • New vanity rewards
  • Updated Online Career mode to award move XP from more gameplay events (e.g., Knockdowns, stuns, KOs, etc.)
  • Fixed Bobby Green’s stance.
  • Fixed a variety of visual glitches in the Store tab
  • Fixed various text inaccuracies across several modes
  • Fixed a rare crash in practice mode.
  • Fixed a rare crash in gameplay.
  • Fixed a rare crash when attempting to restart a fight