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EA Sports WRC Players Are Being Told To Revert To Time Travel Methods To Stop The Game From Crashing

EA Sports WRC is consistently crashing for players on PS5, and the only way to fix it, would be to time travel. Well, not necessarily but close enough.

Due to it being a leap year and today being the extra day February only sees once every four years, EA Sports WRC just can’t handle there being a 29th day in February, and players are being told to set their system’s date to March 1, 2024.

The EA Help Twitter account outlines for players what they need to do in order to get around the issue, and how to access the console’s date and time settings if you weren’t already aware.

While telling your console that it’s tomorrow when it isn’t what you may picture when thinking of time travel, it is the kind of time travelling that gamers are accustomed to.

Though most of the time they’re setting the clock’s on their consoles forward or backwards to exploit a bug or mechanic some sorts in whatever game they’re playing.

Source – [EA via The Verge]