EA teases NHL 15 PS4, confirms release window

After recently releasing the live action teaser for Madden 15, EA Sports has released a visually stunning new trailer for NHL 15.

The 50-second trailer is nothing more than a teaser, highlighting various close ups and wide shots of an arena while ending with a shot of an unknown Detroit Red Wings player. No gameplay is shown in the trailer, nor any kind of caption that states the trailer was produced with in-game footage.

Videos of EA’s upcoming UFC fighting game have showcased the power of the Ignite Engine, but we are not going to assume anything until we see some gameplay footage. Regardless, the teaser trailer accented the new details EA reveled about the game, which is slated to release this fall.

EA’s website for NHL 15 briefly discuss some of the features they are implementing into the inaugural next-generation release of the hockey franchise. 12 player collision physics, Superstar Skill Stick, and other animation improvements to players and fans in the arenas are just a few. On the presentation front, NBC Sports will be credited with enhancing the presentation value of NHL 15.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think. Have you been a fan of previous NHL games? Is this an instant buy for your PlayStation 4? How have you felt about EA’s use of the Ignite engine so far?