Earth No More announced

With Duke Nukem: Forever taking, well, absolutely forever to come out; it looks as if we’ll finally have something new to expect from 3D Realms. Earth No More, a new first person shooter for PS3, 360 and PC, was announced in the newest Game Informer.

Max Payne veterans Recoil Games will be spearheading development of this latest FPS. Earth No More looks a little like Half-Life, War of the Worlds, and 28 Days Later blended together with a sprinkle of originality.

Beginning is an average New England community, the town quickly becomes quarantined due to a mysterious outbreak. No, the source of the mysterious spore lies not in outer space, but in man’s mistreatment of the surrounding environment.

The main focus of the game is realistic human interaction, with a conversation system said to rival Mass Effect. It’ll be interesting to see if the developers can live up to that bold statement.

As an innocent young man thrust into an ever-volcanic situation, you’re left to deal with the issues at hand. At least you’ll have some buddies by your back, though each of your four squad-mates has their own back-stories, intentions and secrets.

Similar to Half-Life, there will be no standard cutscenes, with all story elements playing out from your first person view. Also, online cooperative play has been confirmed for the entire campaign.

Don’t get too hyped on this title yet, as it won’t be out for a while. With a 2009 release date, this title must just beat Duke Nukem to the market. Actually, who are we kidding, of course it will.