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EA’s Latest Mass Layoff Wave Hits Apex Legends Team At Respawn Entertainment

Little more than two weeks ago at time of writing, EA announced it would be laying off 5% of its workforce, or 670 people as part of a strategic shift.

That layoff, we now know, includes developers at Respawn Entertainment, arguably the ‘crown-jewel’ studio on the EA Entertainment side of the business. Even more egregious, the Apex Legends team was impacted.

Level designer on Apex Legends Aaron Stump took to Twitter to put out a message of support to his now former teammates he’s upset to see go, confirming the Apex team had been impacted.

The Apex team was hit with layoffs today,” said Stump. “It sucks seeing some of the people I’ve worked with for almost 3 years now get let go. Hopefully, they land on their feet sooner rather than later.

It’s unknown just how many members of the Apex Legends team were impacted by this round of layoffs, though one particular developer who’s been let go is the global social media lead for Apex Legends, Alex Ackerman.

Apex Legends is one of the biggest battle royale, live service games in the industry, and has been one of EA’s biggest money-makers in recent years.

It’s continually upsetting to see developers laid off despite the fact that the projects they work on and the games they help bring to life are succeeding.

Hopefully those impacted are able to find new positions as soon as possible.

Source – [Aaron Stump on Twitter via VGC]