EGM rumours: ICO sequel, Dead Rising 2 & more

US games publication Electronic Gaming Monthly has printed a selection of the latest rumours in its March issue, covering Sony’s PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable formats.

First and foremost is news regarding the sequel to the critically acclaimed ICO, with the magazine claming that an official unveiling isn’t too far off; however, it fails to give mention to a possible time frame of when to expect some concrete information.

Elsewhere, rumours state that a sequel to Capcom’s Xbox 360 zombie title, Dead Rising, is currently in development for “multiple” consoles. Conspicuously, however, Capcom is apparently not handling the game, with EGM claiming that an LA-based firm has been given coding duties.

Moving on to the handheld front, the issue hints that the upcoming PSP title God of War: Chains of Olympus may be ported to the PS2 at some point in the future, and states that PSN title Everyday Shooter will also see a successful transition to Sony’s handheld device at some point.

Finally, the magazine is claiming that the PS2 will also hop on the motion-sensing bandwagon soon enough, with a motion controller for the machine supposedly already in the works.

As always, we’d like to remind our readers that none of these reports have been substantiated by official sources, so be sure to take these on your plate with a healthy pinch of salt, as per usual.

Stay tuned for more as it breaks.

Source: OnAxis