Eidos announces Conflict: Denied Ops

The fifth instalment in Pivotal Games’ highly successful Conflict series is currently in development and scheduled for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms, Eidos Interactive announced today.

Originally in development under the name of Crossfire, the paramilitary-themed Denied Ops will centre on cooperative-based first-person gameplay, and promises to take the series in a new direction by incorporating an array of elaborate, Hollywood-esque battles and set pieces.

Robert Lindsey, Eidos’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, commented "We are taking the Conflict series in a new direction, making it more explosive and mature," adding, "Conflict: Denied Ops delivers large-scale Hollywood style action sequences in real-world political hot spots, sure to appease fans of the FPS genre."

Players assume the role of two highly trained government operatives who have been assigned to investigate and quell a number of rising threats across a variety of real world, political hotpots including Africa, Russia and South America. A key feature in Denied Ops is Pivotal’s innovative Puncture Technology, allowing gamers to employ a number of strategic elements, such as shooting enemies through walls or fabricating their own pathways by destroying large sections of an environment. Team effort plays a crucial role in Denied Ops, as you attempt to subvert your enemy by utilizing a number of diversionary tactics, armed with the latest of high-tech military weaponry and equipment.

"Conflict: Denied Ops delivers what people want in an action game," added Matt Gorman, Director of Marketing at Eidos. "It’s brutal, explosive, and easy to pick up and play yet still incorporates advanced co-op and environmental tactics."

Conflict: Denied Ops is currently slated for a Spring 2008 release date; stay tuned for more information as it breaks.

Source: GameRush