Electronic Arts snags entire Bourne catalog

Electronic Arts announced today that it has picked up the rights to the entire Ludlum series catalog, and will be teaming up with Starbreeze Studios to release a videogame adaptation of the popular Jason Bourne franchise.

Long time industry professional Matt Wolf has been brought in to manage the creative development, production and positioning of the franchise, which can only lead to good things.

"Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne is the most exciting action hero to emerge in decades, thrilling audiences around the world," said EA Games VP Mike Quigley on the deal. "EA is excited to enter into a long-term relationship with Ludlum Entertainment, bringing the action, intrigue and intensity of Robert Ludlum’s fiction to life for casual and core gamers around the globe."

"The continued global popularity of Robert Ludlum’s works is a testament to the care he lavished on his characters and storylines," added Ludlum estate executor Jeffrey Weiner

"Robert Ludlum made thrilling stories accessible and real. EA has brought that same level of realism to the gaming world. We are confident EA’s unparalleled production ability and marketing reach will establish the Jason Bourne Series in games as powerfully and successfully as it exists in books and film."

Although EA certainly has their work cut out for them, we don’t doubt that the company has the resources and developer talent to take a beloved series like the Bourne franchise and turn it into a powerful gaming entity. Provided the team doesn’t churn out yearly installments at the expense of quality, we have high hopes for the future of the series.