Elite Dangerous announced for PS4, coming 2017

A new post on the official PlayStation Blog has announced Elite Dangerous for the PlayStation 4.

Elite Dangerous PS4 goes all the way back to 1984 when the first game was released, which was followed by two sequels. While the game will easily look and feel better than the originals, especially if you have already played it on another console, it has the same basic concept: You can fight, trade, assassinate, bounty-hunt, mine, and explore your way across the galaxy in any way you choose.

Elite Dangerous release date set for mid 2017

We’ve worked hard to make Elite Dangerous the richest space simulation ever. From our love of science and astronomy, the galaxy is as real as we can make it. You’ll look up at the night sky in our own solar system and you’ll recognise familiar constellations, then see them change as you travel away from Earth. Visit real white dwarfs, neutron stars, even black holes that exist in our real night sky.

Elite Dangerous will have roughly 160,000 stars in the game that are all positioned from actual star catalogues. The other 400 billion stars will come from stellar density maps in an attempt to make the whole galaxy as accurate as possible.

Elite Dangerous will be released in Q2 of 2017 and will include everything in the ‘Horizons’ season of expansions, plus support for PlayStation 4 Pro.