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Elite Dangerous Update 1.63 Arrives To Fix Outstanding Issues

Frontier Developments has unwrapped a list of Elite Dangerous update 1.63 patch notes for you to digest, which addresses a number of lingering issues with the game on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Read up on the full Elite Dangerous patch notes below.

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Unable to edit fire groups.

If your ship had modules that fell under the Utility category, you were unable to set your fire groups because navigation within the fire groups tab did not work.


As outlined in our previous catch up (https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/elite-dangerous-console-hotfix-plans-and-light-catch-up-post-updated-07-01-2022.597077/), please prepare to reassign your firegroups for all ships once the hotfitx is applied.

Once again, really sorry for the inconvenience of this.

Multi-Limpet Controller Module Mass is too high.

Following reports from Commanders, it was agreed that the mass of the multi-limpet controller module needed to be addressed and dropped quite significantly. This was fixed for Odyssey, however the fix remained outstanding for Horizons only players. This is now addressed across the board.

Clearer indication via UI when reward modules will/will not allow experimental effects.

It will now be clearer for Commanders to identify whether their newly acquired CG Reward Modules can be further modified, via the modifications UI panel.

The Class C Operations Multi Limpet Controller was incorrectly showing as Class F.

This has now been addressed for Horizons Commanders.

Known Issues:

I’m going to reuse my latest one here from the last catch-up thread again, plus a couple of additional notes and points collected since.

  • Credit Balance Not Updating On Ship System Panel When Performing Any Balance-Changing Action (Buying/Selling Commodities, Missions etc.) Until After Relog.
    • Checked internally for both Commodity Market changes and rewards from missions. Credit balances update only with a relog.
    • It was also mentioned to me (thanks Piglet) that:
      • “Fines are also not appearing until you do a relog to main menu. You can be wanted, have outstanding fines but when you go to the administrators office to pay them it says you have no fines. Issue only rectifies when you log out of the game and log back in.”
      • I’ve passed the additional information along which will help further (potentially! I’ll take it!) with the issue, as it sounds like it’s got a high chance of being connected. Even if it’s not, it’d obviously good to look into it.