GamesCom 2013 News

Ellen Page & Willem Dafoe touch on Beyond: Two Souls’ emotional story in new ‘Beautiful Drama’ trailer

At GamesCom 2013, Quantic Dream released a new trailer for their upcoming title, Beyond: Two Souls, that gives a taste of the human emotions and relationships players will experience in the thrilling interactive drama.

In the video, actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe talk about the struggles their characters go through during the course of the game. While Page’s Jodie Holmes may have supernatural powers thanks to her invisible guardian Aiden, her life is far from perfect and faces difficulty living a normal life. Meanwhile, Dafoe’s Nathan Dawkins is torn between the responsibility he has as Jodie’s surrogate father and ambitions to fulfill his own agenda using her.

Check out the footage below and let us know what you think in the comments. Beyond: Two Souls looks to be Quantic Dream’s most ambitious project yet, spanning years of one girl’s life and taking place across the globe.



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