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Epic Games Hack Was A Hoax, Admits Ransomware Group

Mogilevich, the ransomware group that claimed it had successfully hacked Epic Games last week, has revealed that the whole thing was a hoax. This may not come as a surprise considering the Unreal Engine creator issued a statement soon after the news broke that they could not find any evidence of an intrusion.

The ransomware group failed to provide any evidence that it had hacked Epic Games, but said that it had obtained nearly 200GB of internal data and had planned to sell it on the dark web. However, it has now emerged via Cyber Daily that the group didn’t hack the company at all, but was instead trying to sell its fake data to other would-be hackers.

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A member of Mogilevich, known as Pongo, said in a statement:

Now the real question is, why confess all this when we could just run away? This was done to illustrate the process of our scam. We don’t think of ourselves as hackers but rather as criminal geniuses, if you can call us that.

[Source – Cyber Daily]