European PS Store updates, December 20

Yet another Thursday has passed, meaning that the European PSN store has seen yet another update. Like weeks preceding, this update is a parcel of items that some will consider to be valuable while others may pass off as fluff. For this week’s list, which was released yesterday, this is what you can expect:

– Toy Home full game (£4.99)
– Warhawk "Operation Omega Dawn" expansion (£3.99)
– Populous: The Beginning PS1 game (£3.49)
– Timeshift multiplayer demo (free)
– Sky Diving trailer (free)
– Guitar Hero III "Boss Battles" add-on pack (free)
– Motorstorm "Holiday Paint Job" add-on pack (free)
– Devil May Cry 4 Tokyo Game Show trailer (free)
– Sega Rally "Canyon" trailer (free)
– Sega Rally "Arctic" trailer (free)
– Kane & Lynch "Insider" videos (free)
– Kane & Lynch "Fragile Alliance & Co-op" video (free)
– Kane & Lynch TV Advert (free)
– Kane & Lynch "Fragile Alliance" trailer (free)
– Metal Gear Solid 4 Tokyo Game Show trailer (free)
– Assassin’s Creed TV Advert (free)
– Grand Theft Auto IV trailer (free)
– CJ7 movie trailer (free)

While they all are great additions, some of the ones that truly stand out is the Operation Omega Dawn Warhawk expansion and the Toy Home game. The free Guitar Hero III Boss Battles add on pack should no doubt prove a definite download for owners of GHIII.

Finally there is the Motorstorm Holiday Paint Job, which should give owners of the game the chance to celebrate the holidays while playing one of the hottest PS3 titles to date. While not as heavy, the rest of the content still poses valuable merit such as the trailer for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV.

So there you have it, go start doing some downloading!