European PSN update; September 25

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has updated the region’s PlayStation Store for another week, offering up a stellar batch of playable content, add-ons and other goodies.

See below for a full list of updates, which includes the hotly anticipated European release of WipEout HD, along with the PSN debut of Criterion’s Burnout Paradise.

Full Games:

WipEout HD (GBP 11.99/EUR 17.99)
Burnout Paradise (GBP 24.99/EUR 29.99)
Mega Man 9 (GBP 6.99/EUR 9.99)


Mercenaries 2
Beijing 2008
Mega Man 9


Buzz! Quiz TV ‘Video Games’ quiz (GBP 3.49/EUR 4.99)
High Stakes Poker add-on 2 (Free)

Rock Band Downloadable Content:

All That Remains Pack (GBP 1.69/EUR 2.29)

-Chiron (GBP 0.69/EUR 0.99)
-This Calling (GBP 0.69/EUR 0.99)
-Two Weeks (GBP 0.69/EUR 0.99)

Rush – Moving Pictures

-Tom Sawyer (GBP 1.49/EUR 1.99)
-Red Barchetta (GBP 1.49/EUR 1.99)
-YYZ (GBP 1.49/EUR 1.99)
-Limelight (GBP 1.49/EUR 1.99)
-The Camera Eye (GBP 1.49/EUR 1.99)
-Witch Hunt (GBP 1.49/EUR 1.99)
-Vital Signs (GBP 1.49/EUR 1.99)


PES 2009 trailer
Valkyria Chronicles trailer
Ferrari Challenge trailer
Pure launch trailer
PAIN Amusement Park: Trauma trailer
PAN Amusement Park: Call Da Shot trailer
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots trailer


BioShock theme
Fallout 3 Brotherhood of Steel theme

Stay tuned for the North American PSN update later today.