EVE: Valkyrie update adds PS4 Pro support and new map

An EVE: Valkyrie update is coming very soon, and best of all it will be free! Dubbed “Gatecrash”, the update will include a brand new map called Gateway, PlayStation 4 Pro support, and pilot customization.

Eve Valkyrie trailer features new map

The map features a partially constructed warp gate surrounded by “iceteroids” that you must maneuver around and dodge. You can check it out in the trailer below.

Eve Valkyrie PS4 Pro support is here

If you have made the jump to PS4 Pro then you can enjoy more improvements with this update such as:

  • Dynamic Shadows

  • Increased Particle FX

  • Increased resolution in all areas of the game

  • Reduced loading times

The update also includes quite a bit of gameplay balancing tweaks, bug fixes, and some polishing. Unfortunately, not much was said in regards to pilot customization so you will have to wait until the update is available to check that out.

The ‘Gatecrash’ release date has yet to be announced.