Eve: Valkyrie VR: more single player and multiplayer details for PS4 dogfighter

With Eve: Valkyrie VR getting ever closer to its PS4 release date, CCP Games has lifted the lid on its current progress.

Over the months leading up to the release of PlayStation VR in October, the Icelandic developer has been fine-tuning its virtual-reality combat flight game.

eve valkyrie ps4 cockpit screenshot

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“Since March 2016 we’ve been refining and updating our combat to make it as intuitive, comfortable, and edge-of-your-seat thrilling as possible. We’ve learned a lot about what works (and what doesn’t) in VR. We’ve balanced and tuned our ships and abilities with help from a very active community of players. As part of that process we’ve helped to define some of VR best practices that are ensuring a deeper immersion and greater sense of presence,” reads the CCP post on the PlayStation blog.

The studio has also lifted the lid on the single-player portion of Eve: Valkyrie which consists of four different game modes: Recall, Scout, Survival and Training.

While Recall focuses on the game’s main story-line with narrative-based missions, it also serves as a tutorial for Valkyrie’s multiplayer combat. Scout mode allows you to explore across all the maps without a threat from enemies, and will drop other nuggets of information to build on the game’s backstory. Survival is Eve Valkyrie’s wave mode, pitting you against an ever-increasing army of ships, while Training allows you to get to grips with the controls against A.I., and includes obstacles courses to hone your flight skills.

eve valkyrie vr game on ps4

Further information about the game’s multiplayer mode was also revealed, including:

  • Ability to earn XP and increase pilot’s rank
  • Access upgrades and more ships as you progress
  • Play in squads with up to five players
  • Play in co-op mode
  • Choose from three classes: Fighter (assault), Heavy (tank), and Support (healer)
  • Earn class specific XP for upgrades
  • Earn silver from destroying enemies and use it to buy upgrades, unlock ships
  • Three multiplayer game modes: Team Deathmatch, Control and Carrier Assault

Eve: Valkyrie VR (for PlayStation VR) is due for release on PS4 in 2016. A firm release date has yet to be announced.