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Everspace 2 Dev Says PS5 Owners Get A ‘Better Game’ Due To Game Pass

Speaking on the Xbox Expansion Pass YouTube channel, Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of Rockfish Games, has said that PS5 owners of Everspace 2 will benefit from a ‘better game’ thanks to funding received from Xbox and PC Game Pass.

We have a really good deal with Game Pass. It gets us more visibility, it gets us extra funding. You just make a better game and everybody’s happy. Even the Playstation fans on PS5 are getting a better game because of Game Pass.

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Not been keeping up with Everspace 2? Here’s some more details:

EVERSPACE 2 puts you in the pilot seat in this fast-paced single-player space shooter, where vicious encounters and brutal challenges stand between you and that next epic loot drop. Explore the war-torn star systems of the Demilitarized Zone of Cluster 34—each massive handcrafted area is packed with secrets, puzzles, and perils to encounter.

Experience a thrilling sci-fi story following Adam, a clone pilot seeking his place in the universe. The events of his past tangle with clashing factions as the DMZ approaches a boiling point. Escape colonial capture, navigate the intrigues of local warlords, evade energy-maddened cultists, and fend off war-hungry aliens.

Everspace 2 was recently confirmed for an August 15 launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

[Source – Xbox Expansion Pass]