Every PlayStation VR game available at launch for PS4

Looking for a list of PSVR games that will available when Sony’s virtual reality headset launches in October?

The PlayStation VR release date has been set in stone as October 13, 2016. At launch we’re promised 50 PSVR games to lose our minds too, and we’ve got the most definitive, up-to-date list of PlayStation VR launch games for you to help make your first-day purchasing decision a little easier.

The PSVR games list is subject to change, and we plan to update it regularly when further launch games are confirmed.

PSVR complete launch game list

100ft Robot Golf
Play golf with huge robots! Featuring four-player split-screen and online multiplayer, knock over skyscrapers and other massive obstacles in classic turn-based action, and sink the putt to climb up the leaderboards.

Ace Combat 7
Project Aces brings its semi-realistic flight simulator into the realms of virtual reality. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for photorealistic graphics, engaging aerial dog-fights and frantic multiplayer battles.


Battle Zone
Control a tank and blast away enemies in the remake of Activision’s 1998 arcade classic. Part first-person shooter, part real-time strategy game, Battle Zone also involves collecting resources and building and commanding other units in a colorful sci-fi universe.



Eagle Flight
Ubisoft’s first virtual reality game sees players soaring over the streets of Paris carrying out various objectives, such as attacking enemy eagles and gliding through hoops. There’s also a three versus three ‘Capture the Flag’ mode!


Eve Valkyrie
CCP’s multiplayer dogfighter shooter is set in the popular Eve universe and features single player PvE mode as well as competitive online action. A skill-based progression system adds extra depth as players choose from multiple classes and fight for honor.


Head virtual footballs in a variety of challenges designed to test your skills, and your neck muscles. Billed as a party game, nod and shake your head to move through the menus, build your skills, and play with friends.


Super Hypercube
This super-cool puzzler is decked out in red and blue and feels like you’re looking through a pair of 3D movie glasses. Unlike traditional puzzle games you’ll have to move your body and look around cubes in a virtual reality world in order to progress successfully.



Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin
Developed by Double Fine Production, this latest PlayStation VR exclusive puzzle platformer focuses on events that happened between Psychonauts and Psychonauts 2.Use telekinesis, pyrokinesis and a range of psychic abilities to rescue Truman Zanotto, the grand head of the Psychonauts.


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Rez Infinite
Enjoy a fully-remastered version of Sega’s psychedelic rail-shooter with tons of additional content, 360 degrees of mind-blowing visuals, and a glorious soundtrack.


Step into an explosive battle arena where massive machines collide. Develop your own combat style with a wide selection of mechs, and take the battle into the online arena for world domination.



Robinson: The Journey
Play as a young boy who has crash landed on a mysterious planet in Crytek’s dinosaur romp. Apart from having a robot companion, and moving through a jungle discovering waterfalls and dinos, little else is known about the game. It looks cool though, right?


Batman: Arkham VR
Set in the Arkham universe, players will get to explore and feel what it’s like to be Batman in glorious first-person mode. Apparently, Batman: Arkham VR is a murder mystery game which will adopt the style of the Batman comics. Sounds, intriguing. To the batcave!


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Taking inspiration from the PS4 exclusive horror-slasher, Until Dawn, this spin-off is set entirely on-rails but will have plenty of jump scares to keep us on our toes. Take a terrifying rollercoaster ride into the abyss of despair!



Wayward Sky
Uber Entertainment’s adventure game sees you playing as Bess, a co-pilot who crashes into a mysterious fortress in the clouds. Explore, and find her father from the unique perspective of PlayStation VR.


World War Toons
Described as a ‘laugh-out loud’ shooter with tank combat, World War Toons features multiple infantry classes and some crazy power-ups, including the ability to ride on the back of the rocket. Kaboom!


The Modern Zombie Taxi Co.
This slap-stick zombie game sees you driving around picking up the undead in your taxi, and them delivering them to their required destination. It’s not that straight-forward though! Expect plenty of cartoon-style zombie shenanigans and odd personalities.



Organize a flock of characters called The Peeps to construct a settlement ahead of the arrival of horde of monsters after dark. This strategy/puzzle adventure tasks you with learning new skills for The Peeps, gathering spirit energy, and building up your village.



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PlayStation VR Worlds
Get five PSVR experiences for the price of one. Dive beneath the waves, fight off alien hordes, and get interrogated by a mobster. The games include: The London Heist, Into the Deep, VR Luge, Danger Ball and Scavenger’s Odyssey.



Tumble VR
Supermassive Games have conjured up an immersive puzzle title exclusively for PlayStation VR. Enter a virtual arena and test your dexterity and mental skills with an array of brain-aching challenges.


The Playroom VR
Everyone will get The Playroom VR for free, so you might as well download it! It consists of six mini-games designed to show off your virtual reality headset. Three of those games have been confirmed so far, including Ghost House, Monster Escape, and Cat N’ Mouse.


Embark on a tension-fuelled survival mission on a strange planet in the depths of outer space. Use the funky PSVR AIM controller to shoot down any alien enemies and find out what happened to your missing crew.


Super Stardust Ultra
Housemarque’s mental shooter gets the VR treatment. If your brain can stand the explosion of color blended with a heady mix of fast-paced shoot ‘em up action, then you should be in for a treat as you travel through orbit blasting away like crazy.


Surgeon Simulator
Fumble around with surgeon’s implements and carry out deadly operations on your poor patients against the clock. Get it wrong, and they’ll die. Ouch!