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Ex-Call Of Duty Dev Says Bobby Kotick’s Decisions ‘Made Our Games Worse’

Christina Pollock, a former Call of Duty programmer, has said that decisions made by Activision CEO Bobby Kotick made their games worse .

Bobby [Kotick]’s decisions made our games worse,” a former Call of Duty programmer said on social media the same day Kotick completed his final day as CEO at Activision Blizzard.

I worked on [Call of Duty] for two years as a programmer at Demonware. Bobby’s decisions made our games worse. In my first month, it came out he threatened to have an employee killed. In the all-hands [all staff meeting] that followed, no one wanted to speak first. So I demanded his firing in front of everyone.

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I get that I am very loud and very annoying and that with my seniority and ease of other opportunities, that affords me certain protections and safety to do such things.But you all need to get on board this train. We all need to revolt against people like this, every time.

Kotick officially departed Call of Duty publisher Activision on December 29, 2023, following Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar acquisition of the industry giant.

[Source – Christina Pollock on Twitter]