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Ex-Dragon Age Writer Says AI-Generated Storytelling Is ‘Lacklustre’ And ‘Soulless’

David Gaider, a former writer on the Dragon Age franchise, has pulled no punches on the subject of AI-generated storytelling, describing it as “lacklustre” and “soulless.”

Speaking on Twitter in response to an article on The Guardian about the application of AI scriptwriting in video games, Gaider revealed that BioWare considered the possibility of introducing procedurally generated content.

Ah, yes. The dream of procedural content generation. Even BioWare went through several iterations of this: ‘what if we didn’t need every conversation to be bespoke?’ Unlimited playtime with dialogue being procedurally created alongside procedural quests!”

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Raider went on to note that his team at BioWare “collectively believed” on multiple occasions that procedurally generated AI conversations could work, although the results were “lacklustre” and “soulless.”

“The issue wasn’t the lines,” Gaider explained.. “It was that procedural content generation of quests results in something shaped like a quest. It has the beats you need for one, sure, but the end result is no better than your typical ‘bring me 20 beetle heads’ MMO quest.”

Gaider is now fronting his own development team in the form of Summer Fall Studios. He had previously claimed that BioWare had ‘quietly resented‘ its writers.

[Source – David Gaider on Twitter]