Exchange PlayStation Trophies for PSN credit now, but there’s a catch

playstation trophies for psn credit

PlayStation gamers can now exchange PlayStation Trophies for PSN credit.

Sony has launched the brand-new feature for PlayStation gamers on the Sony Rewards website.

For every trophy that you earn, you’ll earn points which can be exchanged for PlayStation Network credit.

The new initiative is only available in the U.S., and the bad news is that it won’t take into account any PlayStation Trophies that you’ve earned prior to signing up to the Sony Rewards program.

PlayStation Trophies points scheme

The better the trophy that you unlock, the more points you’ll earn, and there’s zero points for bronze ones. It works like this:

  • Earn one point for every silver trophy you unlock
  • Earn 10 points for every gold trophy you unlock
  • Earn 100 points for every platinum trophy you unlock
  • Earn 1,000 points and redeem them for a $10 PSN voucher

Sony could definitely have been more charitable with the points scheme, but it’s a nice little incentive for trophy hunters.

To start gathering points and exchanging your PlayStation Trophies for PSN credit, sign up to Sony Rewards.