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Exodus Developer Reveals More Details On Coming Sci-Fi RPG With Q&A Series, “We Really Are Focusing On Choice And Consequences”

Exodus is a coming sci-fi RPG that stars Matthew McConaughey in his first video-game role, which he announced at last year’s Game Awards.

Since then we’ve only had the original announcement trailer to go on, but a recent series of videos as part of a Q&A with Archetype’s co-founders, James Ohlen and Chad Robertson revealed a lot more about what’s to come with Exodus.

Details like the fact that the protagonist will be voiced, and will not be a silent role. That when it comes to the game’s narrative, Ohlen says “we are really focusing on choice and consequences,” with multiple endings possible depending on those choices.

Ohlen and Robertson also spoke about inspirations for Exodus, with Interstellar being a clear one due to the games focus on time dilation, along with Frank Herbet’s Dune, Star Wars, and other influences that were left unsaid, lest they spoil narrative details that’ll come later this month.

Another interesting point was how Ohlen and Robertson emphasized that on the science half of this science-fiction, the team is taking every element very seriously.

Ohlen also teased that the team is working with “some of the best science fiction authors in the world, some of the directors and concept artists,” and that who exactly those people is also coming later this month.

“We’ve taken the development of this science-fiction universe very seriously, and the science behind any of the features within the universe is something we’ve definitely thought about.

But more importantly, we’ve been working with some of the best science-fiction authors in the world, some of the best directors and concept artists, and we’re gonna talk more about that in January actually, who those people are.”

Ohlen and Robertson also confirmed that Exodus is indeed set in the Omega Centauri cluster, where Humans find themselves having nowhere near the dominance they do on Earth in fact the are the “very bottom of the food chain.”

On McConaughey’s character, without exactly revealing the character’s name, we do know that he’ll be a mentor for your character.

“He’s going to play somewhat of a mentorship role to you, and kind of give you insight into the choices you’ve made, and then ultimately, probably influence the decisions you make going ahead in the rest of the game cause you’re going to have insight from him that you wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Source – [Archetype Entertainment]