Factor 5 developing solely for PlayStation 3

While speaking to on the last day of E3, Julian Eggebrecht, president of the San Rafael developer Factor 5, the company responsible for the Rogue Sqaudron series, said his company is now creating games solely for the PlayStation 3.

"I was shocked by how powerful the new consoles are," he told "They should really free our development." Eggebrecht said the power of the PS3's Cell CPU was the deciding factor, as it will let Factor 5 create games closer to virtual reality.

Eggbrecht's comments come little more than a year after Factor 5, which had developed almost exclusively for the GameCube, announced it would no longer make games for the games console. At the time, he downplayed speculation the studio would abandon Nintendo. "We are extremely excited about both DS and Nintendo Revolution, so any talk of us abandoning Nintendo platforms altogether is just not true," apparently speaking too soon.