Fallout 3 patch fixes freezing and introduces Trophies

There were a lot of unsatisfied gamers when the announcement came about in regards to the lack of Trophy support within Fallout 3. On top of this disappointing news, Bethesda shipped the title for the PlayStation 3 with a boatload of problems, the most prominent of which concerned various freezing issues.

As many of you may have experienced, any time a network notification pops up, some users were experiencing freeze-up. This is hardly the type of gameplay players expected from PSU’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best RPG. Unfortunately, it was a problem that they had to deal with.

Thankfully a patch has been released in Europe and North America that corrects this issue. Not only that, but the patch also introduces Trophy support to a game that quite frankly should have supported it from the get-go.

We’re unsure at the time of writing whether the Trophies are retroactive or not. Stay tuned.