Fallout 4 Season Pass freebie doesn’t work

Ah, we all love something for nothing. It’s no surprise then that the masses flooded the PlayStation Store last week when it was discovered that the Fallout 4 Season Pass, giving gamers access to all future DLC for Bethesda’s RPG, was listed as free.

Bethesda soon spotted the error and within an hour the free Fallout 4 Season Pass was back to its usual price. However, many gamers were already rubbing their hands together like Fagin thinking they’d manage to swipe the content without having to pay.

Bad news.

Those who acquired the pass in this way will now notice that it’s expired and cannot be re-downloaded. Oh well, it was worth a try.

Incidentally, the first piece of DLC for Fallout 4, titled Automatron, has gone live today and involves a mysterious enemy called the Mechanist. Track him down and get his loot! That’s worth paying for anyway, right?