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Fallout TV Series Is Officially Canon, New Details Revealed Including A Look At Walton Goggins’ The Ghoul

Fresh details on Prime Video’s upcoming Fallout TV series have been revealed in a report on Vanity Fair, which confirms via Todd Howard that the events of the show are canon. Furthermore, we’re also given a look at some characters in action, including The Ghoul, played by Walton Goggins.

We view what’s happening in the show as canon. That’s what’s great, when someone else looks at your work and then translates it in some fashion. I did not want to do an interpretation of an existing story we did. That was the other thing—a lot of pitches were, you know, ‘This is the movie of Fallout 3…’ I was like, ‘Yeah, we told that story.’ I don’t have a lot of interest seeing those translated. I was interested in someone telling a unique Fallout story. Treat it like a game. It gives the creators of the series their own playground to play in.

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Jonathan Nolan, the director of the first three episodes of Fallout and the overall show runner, commented:

The games are about the culture of division and haves and have-nots that, unfortunately, have only gotten more and more acute in this country and around the world over the last decades. We get to talk about that in a wonderful, speculative-fiction way. I think we’re all looking at the world and going, ‘God, things seem to be heading in a very, very frightening direction.’

The Amazon Prime Video Fallout series will premiere on April 12, 2024.

[Source – Vanity Fair]