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Fans Discover Bella Ramsey Can Already Sing And Play Guitar, Increasing Their Excitement For HBO’s The Last Of Us Season 2

The Last Of Us Part II includes what have become some of Ellie’s most iconic moments, like her touching rendition of Take Of Me that you can happen across in a music store in post-apocalyptic Seattle.

With the success of HBO’s The Last Of Us, fans are getting more and more excited for season two, which’ll begin to cover Part II. Something that has seemed to skyrocket excitement is the discovery fans have made that Bella Ramsey can already sing and play guitar.

Ramsey previously ran a small YouTube channel for a short period, though in that time managed to publish more than a hundred videos, some of them being guitar covers.

These covers have been making the rounds now, and fans are thinking about the Take On Me moment, and every other time Ellie could potentially pick up a guitar in season two with excitement.

As far as when we might actually see season two however, we might be waiting until 2024, even 2025.

Source – [Kotaku]