Far Cry 2 coming this fall

Ubisoft has revealed a more accurate release window for its upcoming FPS, Far Cry 2. The publisher disproved recent rumours of a delay by announcing that the game will arrive this fall (autumn).

The title had been pushed into the company’s 2008 financial year a couple of months ago, and some began to believe that this suggested a slip into 2009.

Thankfully this won’t be the case for any platform, according to Ubisoft. They’re hoping for a simultaneous release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

A demo should be released at some point too, but a release for this has yet to be decided.

Far Cry 2 will be a big change from the original. Not only is it set in Africa, instead of a tropical island; it’s also built on a different engine. Crytek moved on to the recently released Crysis, allowing Ubisoft to create the sequel.

We’ll have more on Far Cry 2 very soon.