Far Cry 2 single-player could last players 50 hours

Far Cry 2 Producer Louis-Pierre Pharand has said that the game’s single player campaign could potentially last gamers up to 50 hours.

Speaking to CVG, Pharand commented, "Just on single alone, gamers can potentially have close to 50 hours of game play.”

Pharand also divulged that the highly anticipated First Person Shooter would not feature co-op due to the sheer size of the game, stating, "We decided to abandon it for this instalment simply because of the complexity and size of the game.”

"Add the Multi experience & the Map Editor… gamers will have their money’s worth with FarCry2,” he explained.

Far Cry 2 offers players an entirely non-linear, open-ended experience, with gamers able to navigate a sprawling, 50 square km landmass in Africa, featuring terrain from savanna to the jungle.

The game replaces Jack Carver from the original Far Cry with an entirely new protagonist, and implements a dynamic weather system, with weather conditions changing depending on how the player is performing at the time.


Environments will also be highly interactive, with one demo in particular showcasing the ability to destroy various plant life and vegetation, in addition to multiple man-made objects. Natural elements will also play an important role, with wind effects for example able to exacerbate the spreading of fire.

Far Cry 2 is currently scheduled for release on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 in September 2008.