Far Cry 4 dev talks refined hunting system

Crafting is back for Far Cry 4 and will once again be tied in with the hunting system that players enjoyed in Far Cry 3 with the ability to make equipment from animal remains.

Speaking exclusively to PSU, level designer Vincent Ouellette told us how the crafting system has evolved, revealing that players will receive different quality pelts depending on how they kill animals. “If you kill it with a knife,” he says, “you will get a better quality pelt than if you were to blow it up with a rocket launcher where there won’t be much left to salvage”.

He also told us that meat from animals can be used as bait to attract other predators. The difference between Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 is that players will be able to pick up meat and throw it to lure other creatures. “We’re also adding animal bait. Every time you skin an animal you also collect meat and you can throw that meat around to attract predators,” he told us.

Among other features Far Cry 4 will introduce brand new vehicles, including elephants that players can ride, a new grappling hook mechanic and improved co-op multiplayer. Players can also look forward to exploring a huge game world, including locations such as the Himalayas and Shangri-La.

Far Cry 4 launches on November 18 on PS3 and PS4. There’s a couple of hardware bundles available with the game, and PlayStation gamers can enjoy the exclusive ‘Keys to Kyrat’ feature allowing then to invite friends who don’t have the game to join them to explore Kryat.