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Far Cry 5 Photo Mode Introduced as Part of Latest Update

far cry 5 photo mode

Fans have been waiting a fair old while for a Far Cry 5 photo mode. I mean, the PS4’s screenshot functionality is fine in a pinch, but it doesn’t quite succeed in capturing Hope County in all its natural beauty.

Happily, with the romantically-named Title Update 8 arriving yesterday the wait is finally over.

Play around with filters, frames, and more in Far Cry 5 Photo Mode

Far Cry 5 photo mode is accessed via the pause menu and is available during the game’s single player campaign, DLC expansions, and even on solo maps in the Far Cry Arcade.

When activated, the camera switches to a third-person perspective, enabling players to rotate and/or reposition the lens in order to line up the perfect shot, while a range of additional settings such as field of view, filters, frames, logos, and time of day can be tweaked to produce some truly dynamic compositions. Just look at that picture of Boomer in the heading: bliss.

Comprehensive patch notes are available over on the Ubisoft forums, for those interested in seeing what else is new in the latest update. The short version is that, alongside a couple of notable additions – a new multiplayer lobby browser and DLC assets in Far Cry Arcade – Title Update 8 focuses primarily on bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Far Cry 5 was awarded an impressive 9/10 in the Far Cry 5 review, with refinements to the gunplay, crafting/perk system, and the addition of Far Cry Arcade singled out for especial praise.