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Far Cry 6 Full Trophy List Revealed

Far Cry 6 is actually not a far cry away from being released, since its launch is only days away on October 7, 2021, but for the trophy hunters out there you can now take a look at what you’ll need to overcome if you’re looking to add the Far Cry 6 platinum to your list.

The news comes from website Power Pyx, with the list standing a total of 54 trophies long. Here’s the full list for you to see:

  • Conquistador – Platinum
    Unlock all trophies
  • Yo Soy Dani Rojas – Bronze
    Select Dani’s look (Solo Campaign only)
  • Hidden In Plain Sight – Silver
    Find your way to Miami
  • Cutting Foreign Ties – Bronze
    Recruit the Legends of ’67 and La Moral
  • Montero Justicia – Bronze
    Recruit the Monteros
  • Voz del Pueblo – Bronze
    Recruit Máximas Matanzas
  • Viva La Revolución – Gold
    Take back Yara
  • Ninjerilla – Bronze
    Capture an FND Base without being detected (Solo Campaign only)
  • Co-Dependent – Bronze
    Capture an FND base with a Co-op partner
  • Liberty – Gold
    Capture all FND Bases (Solo Campaign only)
  • Finders Keepers! – Bronze
    Return 3 FND Resource vehicles in mint condition
  • Check It Out – Bronze
    Capture 10 Checkpoints (Solo Campaign only)
  • Friendly Skies – Silver
    Blow up 16 Anti-Aircraft Cannons (Solo Campaign only)
  • It’s Raining Treasure! – Bronze
    Intercept 10 Military Supply Drops (Solo Campaign Only)
  • Undying Tradition – Bronze
    Complete the Yaran Story “Triada Blessings”
  • Top of the Pecking Order – Bronze
    Win a Cockfighting match
  • Speed Racer – Bronze
    Complete 3 Gran Premios
  • Beginner’s Luck – Bronze
    Win a Dominoes game
  • Overheated – Bronze
    Complete a Special Operation
  • Alpha Guerrilla – Bronze
    Successfully complete 5 Bandido Operations
  • Road Rage – Bronze
    Perform a Vehicle Machete Kill from a horse
  • Armed to the Teeth – Silver
    Collect 49 Unique Weapons
  • Hogar Dulce Hogar – Silver
    Fully upgrade one Camp Facility at any Guerrilla Camp (Solo Campaign only
  • Backpacking – Silver
    Acquire every Supremo in Yara
  • Fry Cry – Bronze
    Purchase 15 Meals
  • That’s My Jam – Bronze
    Find 15 USB Sticks
  • That’s Puzzling – Bronze
    Unlock 15 Criptograma Chests
  • Car Cry – Bronze
    Collect all 4 Rides
  • Recrooster – Bronze
    Find all Roosters
  • Loyal Army – Bronze
    Recruit 5 Amigos
  • @CanYouPetTheCroc – Bronze
    Pet Guapo
  • Strutting His Stuff – B
    Equip Chicharrón with the Motherclucker Outfit
  • Secret Weapon – Bronze
    Distract 10 soldiers with Chorizo
  • Heated Conflict – Bronze
    Take out 10 soldiers with active Heat
  • Jawson Brody – Bronze
    Take out a shark with an explosion
  • Sophishticated – Bronze
    Catch 10 fish
  • Outdated Tech – Bronze
    Take out a soldier by sabotaging an alarm
  • Oh No You Don’t! – Bronze
    Take out 3 Insurgent Leaders
  • Not So Special – Bronze
    Take out 10 Special Forces soldiers
  • Not So Tough – Bronze
    Disable and hijack a tank using an EMP device
  • Ultimate Predator – Bronze
    Hunt all Mythical Animals (Solo Campaign only)
  • Slip Sliding Away – Bronze
    Slide 200m at once
  • Hit ‘n Run – Bronze
    Run over 10 soldiers in a vehicle
  • Didn’t See That Coming! – Bronze
    Use a Security Control Center to disable all cameras and alarms
  • Death From Above – Bronze
    Take out a soldier from 50m above them
  • Toxic Influence – Bronze
    Have poisoned soldiers kill 5 other enemies
  • Fashionista – Bronze
    Equip a full matching Gear Set
  • Do It Yourself – Bronze
    Install every Mod on a single Resolver Weapon
  • Glamping – Bronze
    Build one of each Camp Facility (Solo Campaign only)
  • Furiously Fast – Bronze
    Have 10 parts installed on a Ride
  • Glorious Leader – Bronze
    Reach the Rank of Comandante
  • Stay Cool – Bronze
    Complete any Special Operation without exceeding 50% on the PG-240X’s temperature meter

  • Hidden Cash – Bronze
    Locate a stash of hidden Moneda in any Special Operation
  • Termination Phase – Bronze
    Free 30 hostages during a Lola’s Informants challenge in any Special Operation

Source – [Power Pyx]