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Far Cry New Dawn – How To Spawn Vehicles Including Helicopters

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Once you’ve gathered enough components in Far Cry New Dawn, you can craft new vehicles at the garage in Prosperity your home base. You can also find other garages at outposts once you’ve captured them.

In order to craft better vehicles at tier 2 and 3, you’ll need to have ethanol. To get ethanol you can carry out a range of objectives and then use it to upgrade your garage. It can be a little confusing, however, to work out how to get your vehicle when you’re in Prosperity.

Unlike remote garages, where you simply go into the garage menu and spawn the vehicle, in Prosperity your vehicle appears outside. So, this is the garage where you craft land, water and air vehicles.

Now, go outside the main gate and look to your right. You’ll see the car sign. If you interact with it, you can now select your vehicle and it will spawn just to your left on the read.

How To Spawn Helicopter At Prosperity

If you want to know where to find your helicopter, go outside and move around the outside of your base. Past where you spawn vehicles until you see the landing pad. You’ll also notice in the sign in the screenshot, that you can also head to the boathouse to drive any water vehicle you’ve crafted.

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