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Fast-Paced Runner Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Comes To PS5 Early Next Year


Publisher Headup Games has announced Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, a quick reaction time-based runner releasing on PS5 in early 2021. This side-scrolling 3D runner will have you dashing through action-packed sequences as you just barely slide through to save your skin.

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield lets players take control of Wally, a young kid out to discover the mysteries of his past. You will test your limits to see how fast you can run, jump and slide past enemies to escape and live long enough to find out the truth.

With some great visuals and a soundtrack by Damine-Sama and artist from Detroit with feature vocals from black artists all over the world. Put all that together on next-generation hardware and this game is shaping up to be the next addictive endless runner.

You can watch the Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield PS5 reveal trailer here:

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield releases on PS5 in early 2021.