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Massive FFXIV 4.2 Update Takes Servers Offline For 24 Hours

ffxiv 4.2 update

It seems like ages ago that we spoke with FFXIV game director and producer Naoki Yoshida about patch 4.2, but finally the Final Fantasy XIV 4.2 update is currently being rolled out by Square Enix, and the servers will be offline for 24 hours.

Starting today, January 29 at 10am GMT until January 30 at 10am, the FFXIV 4.2 update will take the game offline as the new patch is deployed. The Rise of a New Sun update will introduce tons of new stuff, including scenario quests, new Chronicles of a New Era quests and side story quests.

The patch notes are extensive, detailing more about the quests and the rewards on the official Square Enix forums, but here's a brief rundown of some of the new quests.

Other additions include:

  • The difficulty of certain recipes required for Ixal beast tribe main quests and daily quests has been reduced.
  • The number of experience points received from crafting and gathering class quests up to level 60 has been increased.
  • Subaquatic voyages have been added

There's also some big changes to Housing incoming following the FFXIV 4.2 update next week.

These include:

  • Wards 13 through 18 have been added to all residential districts.
  • Individuals will be restricted from purchasing plots for personal use for a limited time.
  • Players will be permitted to own only one private and one free company estate per World per service account.
  • To discourage the resale of plots, any plots relinquished by owners will be unavailable for purchase for a limited time.
  • Players can now teleport directly to a friend’s free company estate, private estate, or apartment building.
  • Exterior and interior fixtures will no longer be lost when remodeling an estate.
  • The number of vendor NPCs allowed in an estate has been adjusted.
  • Furnishings from the FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest have been added.

There's a lot happening in the new FFXIV 4.2 update, so be sure to check out all the changes on the official Square Enix blog.

The Final Fantasy XIV servers will be back online at 10am on January 30, 2018.