E3 2009 News

FFXIV may not be PS3 exclusive; more game details

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV took everyone by surprise at Sony’s press conference on Tuesday. While it was announced the new MMO will be a console exclusive to PlayStation 3, Square Enix’s press conference today revealed the possibility the game will release on other platforms.

Speaking at Square’s conference, director Nobuaki Komoto and producer Hiromichi Tanaka discussed an assortment of details on the game, which is scheduled for release next year on PS3 and PC. An early comment that the team is “considering all options at this time, including Microsoft hardware,” certainly alludes to a possible release on the Xbox 360. Square’s decision will likely have a lot to do with the hardware required to run the game.

Fans of the MMO Final Fantasy XI will get an entirely new game as FFXIV is set in a brand new world, however; players will get to choose similar races from the older game. Also, Square will continue to release content for FFXI over the next year.

Casual gamers will have a home with FFXIV as Square is taking what the industry has learned from World of Warcraft, and expanded upon it with its own unique style.

The company is also planning a simultaneous release worldwide with English, Japanese, German, and French versions available at launch. Friends across the world may be able to play together as Square is looking to launch the game with cross-region and cross-platform servers.

Check out Square’s Q&A here.