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Final Fantasy XVI Free Update Goes Live, Story DLC, Long Awaited PC Version In Development

The Final Fantasy XVI Twitter page shared a special video message from game producer Naoki Yoshida, announcing free content for the game, two paid DLC installments, and confirming the PC version of the game is in development. The free in-game content contains new costumes for Clive, Jill, Joshua, Torgal, and your trusty steed Ambrosia. This new update also allows you to transmog your weapon appearance to match your costume.

In addition, this latest update also includes new controller layouts and more quality-of-life changes and is available now for download. Yoshida-san also announced the team is developing two paid DLC instalments for the game and also that the long awaited PC version of Final Fantasy XVI is now in active development. You can check out the tweet with the video message below:

This is great news for Final Fantasy XVI fans. Recently the composer for the game discussed his philosophy behind creating the fantastic music for the game, which is arguably one of the game’s strengths. Not only has Final Fantasy XVI been praised as the “ultimate fantasy”, but we also said the game reached action RPG status in glorious fashion, complete with franchise-grade narrative in our review.

Source: Twitter