FIFA 17 Career Mode: Players with highest potential

 FIFA 17 has arrived, and as ever, with it a plethora of gamers who are now scouring the game’s mammoth player database to unearth the players with the highest potential to breed into their ambitious sides.

It’s a minefield out there, that’s for sure, but thanks to the intrepid work of Redditor ‘NickyWangster’ – who took the time to crunch the numbers – we now have the top XI of youngsters with the highest potential that’s sure to drag your ragtag team kicking and screaming to footballing glory – provided you can snag one or more of them, that is.

Of course, the vast majority of these players are particularly hard to pry from their owners, and potential suitors will have to cough up a pretty penny for the privilege of signing any one of them. As they say, you get what you pay for so if you’re swimming in funds, go right ahead.

On inspection, it seems as though the folks over at EA Sports Canada are big fans of the Premier League, and Manchester United in particular – what with the inclusion of Marcos Rashford, Anthony Martial, left-back prodigy Luke Shaw. Can’t say we’re too surprised, the pace associated with those three is enough to give nightmares to even the most seasoned of veterans.

Also featuring is Bundesliga duo Dembélé and Renato Sanches, two precociously talented youngsters that looks set to rule the German league for years to come.

Let’s just hope that Dembélé doesn’t follow any trends and jump to Bayern Munich on a free – it’s the last thing Dortmund need.

FIFA 17 Career Mode tips: Players with highest potential

fifa 17 players with highest potential list

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