Final Fantasy 15 demo bugs will be addressed in upcoming patch

The game director for Final Fantasy 15 has assured players that Square Enix is working to fix the various reported bugs featured within the recent Judgement Disca demo for the hotly anticipated JRPG.

Writing on Twitter (via Siliconera), Hajime Tabata said that his team is working on a patch to iron out these issues, which have been cropping up since the demo’s launch in Japan last week. 

Please be assured that we’ll find the frequency of the bugs and make the adjustments accordingly,” said Tabata-san. “It took us about two months to get rid of all the bugs in order to have players get to the ending safely. I believe that the high evaluation of the demo this time around is a result of that.

Since it’s difficult to completely fix every little thing, we will release a patch for its fixes. With the current technology, it is impossible to get rid of all the bugs of an open-world game in such little time, so please understand that the fixes will come steadily.”

Final Fantasy 15 demo offers a glimpse at opening chapter


For those unaware, the Judgement Demo features the opening sequence of Final Fantasy 15 and concludes around the middle of Episode One. Once complete, there’s an option to buy the game, as there are level restrictions in place so you can’t experience the full adventure until you drop your cash for the full package. 

Final Fantasy 15 is scheduled for release worldwide on November 29 for PlayStation and Xbox One. The game centres on protagonist Noctis and his band of freedom fighters as they attempt to liberate their homeworld Eos from the grip of the Niflheim empire, and features a large open-world to explore ripe with side quests. In addition, the game’s combat is more action-based, doffing its cap to the likes of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Type-0. 

Square Enix originally announced the project back in 2006 as the PS3-exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII, then part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series of games. However, the title was eventually scrapped at around 25 percent complete and transitioned to current-generation consoles under the new title of Final Fantasy 15.