Final Fantasy 15 dev on PS5 release date, next big game


Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata has confirmed that its next major project is targeting Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Tabata-san, who directed 2016’s Final Fantasy 15 on PS4 and Xbox One, made it clear that the new game is a long way off. 

When suggested that the game is already in pre-production, Tabata replied:

It’s not even pre-production yet! We’ve got quite a lot of the technical investigations sorted for that. We’ve done a lot of investigation – about how the online functionality will work, moving away from dedicated games machines to cloud processing, how we could use those. A lot of the groundwork was done with Final Fantasy 15 – so we’re in a good position for going into the main development.”

When quizzed as to when he thinks the PS5 and next Xbox will show up, Tabata made it clear he wasn’t ready to divulge anything.

I can’t say anything directly for that! It’s very much my own personal intuition when that might be – I’ve got an idea in my head, but it’s not as if I’ve spoken to Microsoft and Sony and have that kind of information! I’m sure sometime in the future I’ll look at Eurogamer and look at an article and see something, think if that’s the case I’d better start working on my plan now! We’ll probably talk to you before then!

Tabata also reiterated that the development team continues to work on Final Fantasy 15 content, with the game likely to be ‘complete’ by late 2018. 

PS5 release date expected by 2020

Sony has already confirmed that a new console will be arriving at some point, although hasn’t gone into any further details. However, analyst, notably Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter, expects the PS5 will turn up in 2020. 

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